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Kpop Tag from A-chan


Aku di tag lagi lol okay. Aku tengah tengah. Di antara suka and tak suka. Suka sebab yeah I like to answer a lot of questions. Tak suka tu sebab exo 20 challenge tu pun aku tak siap lagi. Hopeless betul. Sigh

  • Post the rules
  • Answer the question that the tagger asks you than make 11 one
  • Tag 11 people and link them to your post
  • Let them know that you tag them

Im gonna start answer the questions now. Maybe jawapan aku pendek pendek. Sorry. Aku akan cuba buat sebaik mungkin. okay?

1. State your ultimate bias name (only 1 person)
So you want to know who's my ultimate bias huh? Kim Jongin ofcourse. Haha. Baru tadi dia buat ali meroyan dekat twitter. Fangirling him like idiot. Haih. Sadis betul hidup. Idiot kkamjong. Idiot idiot idiot.

2. State one reason why he/she is your ultimate bias.
Too many reasons. Why just one? Can I list all my reason? Okay im sorry. Just one reason. He's cool maybe. Sebab kan one reason. Terus otak aku blur. 

3. What kind of relationship that you want with your bias? (ex: Brother/uncle/ dad/ husband/friends)
Oh this question. Kinda likes it. Kawan aku dah pernah tanya dah soalan ni secara spontan. And aku dah fikir secara rasional. haha. If jong. I want to be his older sister. He's so cute and sometimes so fierce(?), cold and you know sex-god-face. I want to protect him when he's being cute, lovable jongin. I want he call me noona. I want jong to sleep on my lap. And i will play with his hair. Oh gosh that feelings.

4. Put a derp picture of your bias as you stated.

5. Put a gif picture that show an innocent side of your bias.

6. Put a gif picture of your bias that you really hate to see.


7. Put a gif picture that shows how clumsy your bias are.

8. Put a gif picture of your bias that turn you on.


9. Put a gif picture of your bias that shows his bad side.

10. Put a gif picture of your bias looks like somebody else (which you dont even know that it is him/her)

He looks different. omg 

11. Put a hilarious gif picture of your bias.

Im done aswering all the questions. Yehet. Haha. Now Im gonna make my own questions. Aku cadang nak buat yang simple simple je sebab otak aku pun tengah blur so yeah. Easy questions for you guys. Siapa yang kena tag im sorry. Suka hati nak buat ke tak. Aku just buat ape yang disuruh. Okay?

  • First kpop group you love and why
  • Your most favourite OTP
  • Put a video that make you cry like idiot
  • Put a video that make you laugh like idiot
  • Do you like to read fanfics. (If you like, state one fanfic that you like the most)
  • Which one do you prefer boyxboy or girlxboy and why
  • Put a handsome gif of your bias
  • What is your first kpop album (If you have albums)
  • Sate your kpop wishlist
  • Put a fansite of your bias that you like 
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